Basket Filter

Size : 1/2” to 48” ( DN 15 to DN 1200 )
Glando Basket filter is manufactured in simplex and duplex type construction with suitable material. Duplex Basket Filter provide ease of cleaning the element without interruption to the process. Two simplex basket filters connected with a pair of three way ball valve with a common single handle makes a duplex basket filter. By rotating this common handle flow is diverted from filter in operation to the standby idle filter. The clogged filter element can be cleaned and made ready for next change over. Simplex/ Duplex type basket filters are available in fabricated and cast construction. Simplex basket filters in cast construction are called pot strainers or bucket strainer. Filters are manufactured up to 48" NB size and filtration down up to 5 micron. Low press drop, large dirt holding capacity, ease & low cost of maintenance are some special features of Glando Basket Filters.

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